Page last updated November 15, 2023
When Jesus Christ traveled through the village of Samaria, he came to a water well where he found a Samaritan woman who was looking to draw water. Being a Samaritan in Jesus’ day meant that you were an outcast to society. Even more so, to be a woman in that day meant you were treated as a lesser being. Still, Jesus spoke to this Samaritan woman, and showed His love for her. Through this, she came to accept Jesus Christ as the Lord of her life.

Jesus’ love knows no bounds.  He even loves the ones who are considered the outcasts – just like the woman at the well.  We have dedicated ourselves to telling people about Jesus and this gift of love He offers.  The name “Why at the Well” is to serve as a reminder of this wonderful truth.

We know the power of God and the difference that a personal relationship with Him makes in an individual’s life. We have received forgiveness of sin and would like to tell others that this wonderful gift is being offered by God to them, too! Our prayer is that all who come in our doors will receive the living water of salvation that the woman at the well received. From young children, teenagers, and adults, we have heard testimony after testimony about the positive differences that God is making in peoples lives. We look forward to hearing more as God Himself works in the hearts and lives of people here in Mechanicsburg.

The woman at the well came looking for water, but left with the gift of salvation through Christ.  Whatever your reason is for coming to the well, we hope to see you leave with the same gift!

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