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There is a Need

Being a free youth center is a priority for us. We believe that teens should be able to hear the Gospel message without having to pay a fee. It’s important to us that all of our programs and activities made available either free of charge, or at an extremely discounted rate (only to help cover larger expenses).

Why at the Well Youth Center literally runs on donations. Everything  – from paying the bills, to giving away free Bibles – is done using funds that have been donated.

Without support from our community, friends, and fellow-believers, it would be impossible to provide the services we do.

Girls' Ministry Director

Over the past year there has been an increasing need for a Girls' Ministry Director.  With more young girls coming in during Open Gym hours, we find it necessary to add events and counseling geared specifically towards girls, organized and run by someone who can better relate to them.

In order to properly fund this full-time position, we need to raise $30,000.

This is most effectively done through monthly donors that are willing to contribute a portion of their tithe, whether $25, 50, or even $100 per month.

To help give you an idea of how great an impact your giving can have, if just 100 people were able to donate $25 per month (less than the cost coffee each day), our goal would be fully funded!