About Us

Why at the Well Youth Center

Why at the Well is a Youth Ministry that serves as a safe haven for many of Mechanicsburg's youth.

Sports-minded teens will love our gym court, which is always ready for intense games of basketball, volleyball, dodge ball, and more.

For youth that want to stay fit, we provide a weight room that is fully equipped for any number of exercises. We even have a coach on staff to help create custom workouts for beginners, or just help young people meet their goals.

Our gaming center is perfect for students that simply want to have a good time with their friends. We've got everything from billiards and air hockey to the latest Xbox games!

Our facility is open Monday through Saturday for youth to come and enjoy the many services we have to offer. In addition to our open gym time, we have a Youth Group, After-school Kids Program, and plenty of Seasonal Programming, including basketball camps, a wrestling program, gymnastics, tournaments for different sports and games, and a 5-week long Vacation Bible School (Summer Fun).  During our Open Gym hours we take time each day to take a pause from all activity, and spend time looking at God's Word.  We are excited to see God work through the lives of our area’s youth, and hope you and your children will be a part of it!

When Jesus Christ traveled through the village of Samaria, he came to a water well where he found a Samaritan woman who was looking to draw water. Being a Samaritan in Jesus’ day meant that you were an outcast to society. Even more so, to be a woman in that day meant you were treated as a lesser being. Still, Jesus spoke to this Samaritan woman, and showed His love for her. Through this, she came to accept Jesus Christ as the Lord of her life.

Jesus’ love knows no bounds.  He even loves the ones who are considered the outcasts – just like the woman at the well.  We have dedicated ourselves to telling people about Jesus and this gift of love He offers.  The name “Why at the Well” is to serve as a reminder of this wonderful truth.

We know the power of God and the difference that a personal relationship with Him makes in an individual’s life. We have received forgiveness of sin and would like to tell others that this wonderful gift is being offered by God to them, too!  Our prayer is that all who come in our doors will receive the living water of salvation that the woman at the well received. From young children, teenagers, and adults, we have heard testimony after testimony about the positive differences that God is making in peoples lives. We look forward to hearing more as God Himself works in the hearts and lives of people here in Mechanicsburg.

The woman at the well came looking for water, but left with the gift of salvation through Christ.  Whatever your reason is for coming to the well, we hope to see you leave with the same gift!

In 1976, Why at the Well opened its doors. The old shirt factory in Mechanicsburg had been renovated into a gymnasium and was opened to the public. Very quickly, the ministry began to take off and over the years we have seen many hundreds of people get saved. We continue to offer many opportunities for local believers to get involved in the lives of those who have not heard the Good news of Jesus Christ for themselves. This ministry has been active in passing out gospel literature at Halloween Parades, The Farm Show and other special events throughout the area. Our teens have held carnivals to honor our Fire Fighters and Policemen, and have even prepared Thanksgiving dinners for the community. In our past 40+ years of existence, Landmark Ministries has become a critical part of the Mechanicsburg area, and is considered a home to countless people.

Our ministry intends to continue making an impact on the Mechanicsburg area until the day our Lord calls us home. We are constantly seeking to host events and activities for people to enjoy, giving us more and more opportunities to share the Gospel message and invite people to start a relationship with Jesus Christ.  In order to stay active like this, we look for support from the community we serve.  There are no government funds here.  Instead, we are supported by donations from local businesses, and individuals who simply appreciate what we offer.    If God is laying it on your heart to support us, we encourage you to contact us about making a donation, or spending time helping with our ministry's many outreaches.

Our church ministry is simply known as “Landmark Baptist Church.” We are a Bible-preaching, evangelistic, conservative church. Our love for the Lord and for our community drives us to preach the Gospel message to all who will hear. Every Sunday the basketball court of Why at the Well transforms into a church, giving us a place to come together in worship. After our service, we turn it back into a basketball court for the week to come. In addition to having Sunday services, members of our church also come together regularly for Bible Studies, Prayer Meetings, and time spent passing out Gospel tracts to share the good news of Jesus Christ with others. We are not ashamed of sharing our faith, and so as a church we make it a goal to give an invitation to accept Christ on a regular basis.  We hope to see you some Sunday for a time of worship and fellowship!